Tax Credit Rates

Current fuel tax credit rates From 1 July 2018 (includes rates from 1 August 2018) If you claim less than $10,000 in fuel tax credits in a year, there are simpler ways to record and calculate your claim. This includes using the rate that applies at the end of the BAS period.

A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your tax bill. It’s different than a tax deduction – you claim it regardless of whether you itemize.

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The Applicable Federal Rate (AFR) is used as the Low Income housing tax credit (LIHTC) "Applicable Percentage" that determines the eligible basis of tax credit properties. The AFR is reported monthly by the Internal Revenue Service for both the 9% and 4% tax credits.. AFR’s for Section 42 tax credit properties since the year 2000 are listed below.

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The Child Tax Credit is one of three great kid-centered tax credits that could cut your tax bill. Here's a guide to how much you can get and how to qualify.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the “Act”) had significant impacts for the alcohol industry, including changes to tax credits and new taxpayer definitions. Because the Act became effective so quickly after.

Saver’s Tax Credit: A non-refundable tax credit available to lower income individuals and households that contribute to qualified retirement savings plans. This includes employer-sponsored plans.

Mortgage Interest Credit 2017 2017 Mortgage Deduction: What Every Taxpayer Should Know. – Let's look more closely at how the mortgage interest deduction works and how it interacts with other home-related tax breaks.

The federal government imposes taxes on a variety of fuels. The one most familiar to taxpayers is probably the federal gas tax-18.4 cents/gallon as of 2018-which pays for road projects across the country. Certain uses of fuels are untaxed, however, and fuel users can get a credit for the taxes they’ve paid by filing Form 4136.

After a taxpayer applies the fuel tax credits against its excise tax liability, as described above, an excess credit may occur due to the credits being at a higher rate than the tax. Section 6427(a) provides a mechanism for taxpayers that use fuel for a nontaxable use to receive a refund for the taxes paid.